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Punchline for MarkUs Research project – MarkUs Plagiarism

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MarkUS Research

We are two students in last year at Ecole Centrale de Nantes. We are working on a project aiming at using Markus for research purpose. We will study how we could extend MarkUs, what we should add to MarkUs for deploy it as general PDF-annotation tool. We are excited to join this project and make a contribution. Here is our first punchline !

Michael Lumbroso and Anthony Le Jallé


  • Started reading tutorials about Ruby-On-Rails
  • Started the definition of scope statement

Next steps

  • Continue learning about Ruby-On-Rails and getting hands on Markus
  • Finishing our scope statement


  • Bug on the submission page

Markus Plagiarism

The second group of Centrale Nantes is working on a new feature that would enable teachers to spot plagiarism into students code.

Benjamin Thorent

  • Done: install of Markus, State of art in plagiarism detection ;
  • Issues: No precise criteria to detect plagiarism in source codes found ;
  • ToDo Next Week: Find those criteria, follow with the Functionnal analysis (CdC) and more precisely, the possible ways to integrate the plugin in Markus (then check it with Nelle V.), discover more precisely markus and/or rails.

Shion Kashimura

  • Done: first ideas about criteria to detect plagiarism and how to integrate it in MarkUs, still installing MarkUs
  • Issues: difficulties to install MarkUs on Windows
  • ToDo: Finish the installation of Markus (install Ubuntu), begin the functional analysis, find more about criteria and display for our plug-in.

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