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We have done some screencasts over the last couple of months and we would like to share them with you.

Student File Submssions

This screencast demonstrates how students can upload, replace and delete files using MarkUs’ easy to use Web interface. And all these files end up in a Subversion repository. Hence, MarkUs implicitly has a history of submitted files. If need be, revisions other than the latest can be graded provided the instructor wants to allow that.


Student Group Formation

MarkUs supports various course models. One possibility of which is that an instructor can allow students to work in teams. If an Assignment is set up this way, students can go and start form groups (mostly) to their liking. For instance, student A can invite student B and C to his group. Students B and C will, then, have the option to join student A’s group, decline student A’s invitation or create a group of their own. Once groups are formed (and are valid), students can begin to submit files for their assignment.


The Grader View

This screencast (partially) illustrates the huge progress we’ve made this summer. Although the main grader view functionality was there when we started, the user interface as it is today de facto wasn’t. So what is the grader view? It’s one of the core functionalities of MarkUs, which allows graders (usually TAs) to mark a student’s/group’s work for an assignment. He or she can annotate the submitted source code – which is syntax highlighted – and mark according to rubrics defined by the instructor. As mentioned above, this screencast was done before our general UI overhaul (and name change). Please excuse. The workings of the grader view remained (almost) the same though.

Grader View Screencast

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September 2nd, 2009 at 6:03 pm

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