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Meeting Minutes: November 19th, 2010

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Meeting log here

Graphing and Dashboard

  • Kurtis had to leave early
  • Horatiu started work on caching, first review should be up soon


  • Evan is almost finished with the tokens management

Test Framework

  • Benjamin is writing the tutorial for the test framework

Problem with Groups

  • Waterloo is having problems with duplicate groups
  • We might get Evan to help out on this issue

Remark Requests

  • Misa posted submission table for status to review board
  • Misa also posted template for remark request tab
  • Vivien’s code got approved
  • Vivien is working on the marks summary tab
  • Misa and Vivien both had trouble with the db and migration


  • Karen has contacted Jiahui, hope to hear from her soon
  • Horatiu blogged about migration in rails
  • Horatiu is also working on issue 106 in github
  • Benjamin finished to implement the database and the model for ShapeAnnotations
  • Benjamin is working on including easily annotations on a SVG file, over the image
  • Benjamin will refactor Anton’s work and include it in our work

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