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Status and Priorities

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Almost two months down the road this is where we are now:

  1. Ironed out schema changes
  2. Use Subversion as a storage backend (using ruby SVN bindings)
  3. Solved visibility/permissions (need to write some solid tests – i.e. unit, functional and integration tests, though)
  4. Have good documentation regarding deployment and know our requirements (all development efforts happen with deployment and respective requirements in mind)


That means our priorities are the following:

  • High Priority:
    1. User Interface (rethink, reorganize, reimplement the user interface which is – ideally – intuitive and easy to understand; settle “wording” for titles, navigation, etc.; have a nice workflow)
      1. Implement a reasonable Dashboard
      2. Implement proper interfaces for each task
      3. Rethink the interface (view) when logged in as a student
    2. Implement import “Graders<=>Groups” mapping from file functionality
    3. Solve “Assignment Rules” and according consequences on marks problem
    4. Implement Subversion repositories remote access functionality and permissions (use https://)
    5. Hiding/Unhiding Students
  • Medium Priority:
    1. Logging
    2. Metrics
    3. Mark entry (allow instructors to add “external” marks)

Overall, I think, we should “feature freeze” by end of July 2009 and focus on extensive testing, fixing bugs. I.e. do the quality assurance stuff in August.

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July 2nd, 2009 at 12:18 pm

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