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Meeting Minutes: November 12th, 2010

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Meeting log here

Remark Requests

Misa uploaded the new remark schema to the repository.

She and Vivien settled on adding 2 columns to the submission table:

  • remark_result_id which links to a remark result object
  • remark_request (a text column)

However, Mike pointed out that there may be some problems with the new schema. Another review is currently up to solve the problems.

Graphing and Dashboard

The first version of the dashboard is nearing completion. A sample can be seen here.

Hora has been looking into adding a caching model for graphs. The team has decided that it would be best to simply begin with a cache model instead of adding one in later. So he will be working on that next week.

Test Framework

The test framework was committed at the beginning of the week. Everyone can now start experimenting and report bugs.


Evan has been working on getting tokens to update correctly every day. There are still some problems so Evan will continue to work on this through the next week.

Term Wrapping Up

We have 4 weeks left before we have to wrap up the term. Before the next meeting, everyone should provide a breakdown by week of how they plan on wrapping up their project(s). Additionally, by the end of term, Karen would like to see a blog post (with screenshots) or a webcast showing off the work everyone has completed. If you are going to leave any work unfinished (and don’t plan on continuing with MarkUs) then please document this in the blog post.

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