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Meeting Minutes: October 29th, 2010

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Log of the IRC meeting.

Kurtis and Hora

  • Hora’s review for Issue 117 has stalled, Mike will take a look at it later to get that going
  • Hora has been working on preparing the data for the grade distribution graph – Hora had a question about what kind of graph he should build first (to show distribution by grades or percentage), percentage was agreed upon
  • Hora should have a review in tomorrow
  • Kurtis added the graphing framework into git
  • Kurtis will use Hora’s code to work on TA grade distribution, and will also be working on TA progress reports (including both groupings and criteria)
  • Karen hopes for the graphing/reporting framework to be something that can be used and added to in January

Evan, Jiahui and Victor

  • The blog posts are very useful and informative, Karen will look over and comment on what is necessary
  • Jiahui is identifying bugs while developing testing setups
  • Evan and Jiahui will work on the framework for the rest of the term
  • Evan and Victor will work on the security/VM side for the rest of the term
  • Victor will create increasingly complex prototypes for easier reviewing/integration
  • MarkUs should trust the testing server whether it is virtual or a physical server

Misa and Vivien

  • Great GUI mock-ups by Vivien
  • Misa started implementing the marking state changes, may add another field (ex. remark_exists) in order to display both old and new results after a re-mark
  • Only one re-mark per assignment, student can continue editing the request until they submit it to the professor
  • Vivien started coding the GUI for re-mark settings, should be up on review board soon
  • Assignment will be un-released if the professor starts re-marking, to avoid conflicts
  • Need to make the distinction between saving and submiting a marking request clear
  • Need to be cautious when developing, will need some revised db schema

General Notes

  • More users are now using all corners of MarkUs, more issues are being discovered
  • Git’s issue tracker is lacking, no ‘proiority’ feature – Karen will look into a new tag to prioritize issues we need fixed by Christmas
  • Keep reviewing code! And don’t be afraid to bug Mike and Severin (and others) to review your code to keep everything rolling

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