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These last few days, I have been looking at our tests.

Due to all the changes we made the last months, most of the tests didn’t work at all. They refered to none existing properties, methods or fixtures. I tried to fix them all, and now, the major part of our unit tests work, and pass.

I ran into a small problem: I first ran all the tests one by one, with the command:

ruby -I test test/unit/name_of_the_file.rb

34 files only for the unit test, so 34 times this line. The command

rake test:units

launches all the test at once. For now, it launches 99 tests, has 138 assertions, and 2 errors, then it aborts…

Still some work to do!

Written by nvaroqua

June 15th, 2009 at 11:54 am

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