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Remark Request GUI Mock-up

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Misa and I have been thinking about ways to implement the remark request feature. These are a few screenshots of our initial design.

When a student wants to request a remark, he/she will first click on Request a Remark at the bottom of the source code. This will create a new tab ‘Remark’ on the right side where the student can make their case about a remark. Students can save, submit, or delete the request. Once a request has been submitted, it cannot be modified unless a student deletes and makes a new request. Instructor instructions (specified when they create an assignment) will also appear in this tab.

When a student submits a request, their assignment gets a new marking state ‘remark’ with a new icon in the instructor/TA view. Then the instructor/TA can start modifying the students grade.

This view was trickier to design because we want graders to be able to see the student’s justifications, their old marks, as well as new marks. For now, we have decided to keep the two tabbed sections and have old marks are highlighted in yellow while allowing the grader to click and assign new marks. (We still have to work out a way for instructors that use manual rubrics). The grader also has space to make his/her comments.

After the instructor completes and releases the student’s mark, the mark breakdown and summary for both the instructor and the student will show the changes that have been made.

Well, this is basically how the remark interface will work. I think there can be improvements, especially on the grader view, but we haven’t been able to think of an elegant way to show all the information at once. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions they’d like to add, please comment!

Written by vivien

October 24th, 2010 at 12:54 am

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2 Responses to 'Remark Request GUI Mock-up'

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  1. Nice work guys, it looks great! I love the balloon with 2 exclamation marks to represent a remark request. Thought: having the student tab titled “Remark” might be a bit unclear, maybe we could call it “Remark Request” similarly to the TA tab.


    24 Oct 10 at 1:54 pm

  2. Misa, Vivien: This is rock solid stuff! Great work. I’m impressed.

    I’m not sure what your plans are with respect to implementing all of this. It looks like a lot of work getting things implemented at the back-end level. Anyhow, I look forward to your follow ups 🙂

    One comment on MarkUs’ DB model. When we were working fulltime on MarkUs (Summer 2009), we had a serious look at the DB schema. I think we wondered why there is a one to many relationship between submissions and results. I hope I’m not confusing things here 😉 As it turned out that’s the case because remarking was a planned feature early on. Not sure if this will be helpful, I thought it can’t hurt mentioning it 🙂


    24 Oct 10 at 11:40 pm

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