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Meeting Minutes: October 22, 2010

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Log of the IRC meeting can be found here

Round table

Kurtis and Hora

  • Worked through frameworks for graphing, presented top 2 (Highcharts and Bluff) for feedback
  • Bluff seems to be the best option since its open source and no jQuery dependencies
  • Look at Dina’s work for possible chunks of value
  • Karen wants for next week: get a basic framework up for either a basic dashboard page with just some data

Evan, Jiahui, and Victor

  • Evan has more or less got the test framework up and running. There were some issues but they have been fixed
  • ant-contrib is required to run ant properly (see ReviewBoard)
  • Want to work on security, develop good examples for instructors to use, and the auto-generation of .build and .properties files
  • VMs and their limitations?
  • Write blog post soon to map out rest of term

Misa and Vivien

  • Drafted prototypes for possible UI configurations
  • Met with Diane last week for feedback
  • Diane has some issue with Markus in general. Her issues to be posted on github soon
  • Going to meet with more instructors for more feedback today
  • Write blog post soon with mock-ups for feedback from everyone

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