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(Belated) Meeting Minutes Oct 15, 2010

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Log of the IRC meeting can be found here.


– Status report.

– Remind everyone to prototype rather than plan too much.

– Remind everyone to review items on Review Board.

Status report:

– Current usage of MarkUs in UofT: 12 TAs marking 310 assignments. New grader interface seems to be working well. (Karen Reid)

– Hora & Kurtis: Testing different graphs. Will post test results on blog.

– Need to create separate view to see progress of grading.

– Testing group: Getting stuck, will post issue to email board.

– Assignment collection not working properly. Agreement that it needs to be simplified when no pdfs need to be converted.

– Karen’s note about workflow: Better prototype and discuss, than spend long time planning. Need to see results at this point.

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