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Closing GitHub Issues

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We’ve just moved to GitHub, and one of the main differences from Dr. Project is that we only allow a few core members to push to the official MarkUs repository.

A side-effect:  only users with push permissions on the MarkUs repository can close issues.

So how do developers close issues if they don’t have permission to do it?  GitHub actually gives us a neat mechanism to do this.  Here’s the workflow:

  1. Find an an issue on GitHub, and work on it on your fork.
  2. Once your work is done, commit to your fork with the commit message containing “closes #<issue number>”.  Without the <> symbols.
  3. Make a pull request
  4. Once the MarkUs core developers merge your patch in, GitHub will automatically close the issue.

Easy as pie.

More information here.

Written by m_conley

October 15th, 2010 at 2:59 pm

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