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Meeting Minutes: September 24, 2010

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The IRC log for this meeting can be found be find here.


  • Status report
  • SVN to Git conversion
  • Code sprint questions

Status report:

  • Everyone has MarkUs up and running
  • If you have time, start looking at a few tickets
  • Creating a few bug reports, so there will be a bunch of small things to fix in the next few weeks

SVN to Git conversion:

  • Switching version control system to Git
  • Using GitHub to host MarkUs source code
    • GitHub provides nicer exposure
  • Suggested starting place to learn git (
  • Git is a distributed version control system (good for MarkUs’ distributed development style)
  • Need to close pending reviews or have someone open new reviews after the switch
  • Reviews are going to be frozen before the switch
  • Switch is scheduled for the day of the 29th
  • Install documentation will need to be updated to account for git

Code sprint questions:

Q. Will food costs be covered in Toronto?
A. Lunch and dinner are provided on Friday, all other costs are left to the individual.

Q. Where is the code sprint taking place?
A. The Bahen Center ( Someone will meet the team at the hotel on Friday morning to guide us.

Q. What hotel are we staying at?
A. Holiday Inn, Bloor Yorkville

Q. How do I get from the Airport to the Hotel?
A. Cab or bus seem to be the options.

Q. Is there anything going on during the weekend?
A. Nuit Blanche

Q. What time are we planning to start Friday?
A. 9:30am

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