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Automated Test Framework – Part 3: Student’s View

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To complete the testing framework implementation, the following post describes the student’s ability to execute the tests.

Implementation Overview:

As a starting point, this implementation allows a student to login and run the tests defined by the instructor against their own code and view the results.  The current implementation has been kept quite simple for now as further design decisions based on feedback will impact how the behaviour could change.  In addition, most of the student view implementation had already been added by Benjamin so not much had been added or modified in this round of implementation.  The following describes the current design:

  1. Students can login, select an assignment in which they have submitted a file for, and from the Assignment view, if tests were enabled by the instructor for this assignment, a separate ‘Test’ area will be enabled and visible.
  2. In this ‘Test’ area, the students will be able to execute tests (similar to how graders/instructors execute the tests from the Submissions view by clicking on the ‘Test Code’ button) and press ‘Load’ to view the results.
  3. A few things to note:
  • Students can only run non-private tests. In other words, any test files that were marked ‘is_private’ by the instructor WILL NOT be executed by the student.  This gives the instructor a little bit more control over which tests they allow the students to run.
  • Each time the student executes the tests, a token is used. Therefore, students can only execute the tests if they have tokens available.
  • Students can only view the test results if the marks have been released to the students.
  • Students can only view the tests results if they belong to a group.
  • Students can only view their own test runs. Any test runs for this assignment made by any other user will not be visible to the current student.
Students Test View

Students Test View

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Written by diane

September 19th, 2010 at 7:00 pm

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2 Responses to 'Automated Test Framework – Part 3: Student’s View'

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  1. Diane & Benjamin, many kudos! It sounds really cool what you both have come up with in terms of automated testing. IMO it’s a flexible system and a very nice first shot 🙂

    One question/comment:
    It seems I’m missing something. Why is it again that students can view test results only if marks are released? It seems odd to me (as a student) to have to use tokens to run tests, but I won’t see any results of them until after marks have been released. Do you mean students don’t see *full* test results (such as on what line something fails)?



    19 Sep 10 at 8:30 pm

  2. Hey Severin,
    I actually noticed that the piece of code that checks if the marks have been released before displaying the test results was already in there from a previous review so I thought that that was suppose to be the behaviour. But I was a little confused about it as well. Perhaps we should modify it so that it doesn’t matter if the marks have been released or not. The student can execute the tests so long as they have tokens available.


    19 Sep 10 at 8:35 pm

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