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Meeting Minutes: September 17, 2010

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The IRC log for this meeting can be found be find here.


  • Status report
  • Round table

Status report:

  • Karen Reid will remind Alan Rosenthat about drproject accounts for non-UoT students
  • Horatiu has checked out the MarkUs repository
  • Misa has played around with the demo version a bit
  • Kurtis has set up the MarkUs on OSX a week ago

Round table:

  • The Drproject account gives you commit access to the repo, wiki and tickets
  • Evan said we’re getting spam tickets recently, and Karen had turned off anonymous ticket filing to try to stop it.
  • The first steps are to get rails going on your development machine, try out a small tutorial or two so that you understand the basic framework, and then get the MarkUs development environment installed. The next step is to find a couple of tickets that look pretty easy.
  • Horatiu asked about accessing desktop based in Vancouver remotely from Toronto, Mike suggested that bring a laptop with the development environment set up, and then when you get here, choose based on what’s most comfortable
  • Karen talked about two big projects in mind:
    1. Automated Test System for students to submit their work for testing and get nearly immediate feedback.
    2. Take a serious look at report generation and what kinds of summary data to show to whom.

    Several other small ones:

    1. being able to assume the view of a particular student or TA
    2. some modifcations to late penalties
    3. the ability (possibly) to delete assignments and users
    4. some UI issues that might make marking easier for the TAs
    5. occasional bug reports that are urgent that he may ask someone to work on

    Evan said we should add on the accessibility side

  • Karen said we should do punchlines: what you did this week, any roadblocks, what is next. Everyone should read the punchlines. Mike said we also need to do meeting minutes.
  • Marks allocation depends on participation in the meetings, asking questions when you get stuck, working about 8-10 hours/week (but it’s OK if we can’t put in enough hours this week but make up for it later), producing something roughly complete by the end of the term
  • Karen said he’d like everyone to work on predicting what they can get done this week at the start of each week, but should be realistic.

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