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Who is Doing What? Fall 2010 Edition

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The MarkUs team is meeting weekly on #markus on Fridays at 1:00PM(EST).  Every Thursday, each member of the team must come up with a “punchline” status update.  These updates are short, bulleted, straight-to-the-point reports that tell us how everybody is doing.  They follow a very simple format: see these three examples.  The punchlines need to be published on this blog every Thursday, and it is every team member’s responsibility to give them a read before coming into the meeting.

But instead of everybody logging in and editing a single blog post for the status updates, we’ll rotate responsibility for collecting/publishing punchlines every week.  Similarly, we will rotate the duty of converting our IRC meeting logs into notes.

Here’s the schedule outlining who is doing what each week. Teammates:  I highly suggest bookmarking this page.

  • Sept 17:  punchlines:  Nobody, minutes:  Jiahui
  • Sept 24:  punchlines:  Jiahui, minutes:  Kurtis
  • [Oct 1 – 3 is the sprint, so meetings will happen in person]:  punchlines:  Horatiu
  • Oct 8:  punchlines:  Kurtis, minutes: Misa
  • Oct 15:  punchlines:  Misa, minutes: Victor
  • Oct 22:  punchlines: Victor, minutes: Vivien
  • Oct 29:  punchlines: Vivien, minutes: Horatiu
  • Nov 5:  punchlines: Horatiu, minutes: Jiahui
  • Nov 12:  punchlines: Jiahui, minutes: Kurtis
  • Nov 19:  punchlines: Kurtis, minutes: Misa
  • Nov 26: punchlines: Misa, minutes: Victor
  • Dec 3: punchlines: Victor, minutes: Vivien
  • Post-mortem (date TBD):  punchlines:  Vivien, minutes:  Horatiu

Note that this schedule may be subject to change.  Check back frequently.

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September 18th, 2010 at 2:00 pm

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