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Meeting Minutes: March 26, 2010

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The IRC log for this meeting can be found be find here.


  • Almost finish flexible scheme
  • Working on refacroring new database design with Bryan


  • Will finnish tests of flexible scheme by the end of this week
  • Working on refacroring new database design with brian

Brian Xu/Bryan Shen will have a discussion with Mike after meeting


  • Worked on functional tests for the student UI and releasing the marks. I also worked on implementing CSV download
  • Almost done with CSV upload
  • Target to have CSV upload and the tests for this done by Thursday and will need Friday to make screencast


  • Met with Mike to talk about what the :proc method of the filters of the table_params
  • Posted a changelist for testing the pagination helper
  • Submitted the code from previous two reviews and created a ticket as suggested in one of the reviews
  • Will have discussion with Mike after meeting


  • Converted the submitted the new Noteables change earlier today
  • Converted the Student Unit Tests to Machinist and Shoulda, there’s a review for that up earlier this morning
  • Currently converting the Assignment unit tests in the same way

Notes from Karen

  • There won’t be any common deliverables for UCOSP.
  • Either by email or in the blog, make a list of what you did this term with some discussion about what state you left things in.┬áThe document will accomplish two goals: first to remind Karen of all the pieces you worked on this term, and second to help the new students figure out where you left off.
  • Please continue working on appropriate documentation for your pieces, like we have been seeing on the blog
  • MarkUs received an inquiry about how to download MarkUs from a school in Virginia!
  • Scheduling a post mortem meeting where we talk about what worked and what didn’t with Greg at 3:30 pm on Wednesday, April 7. NO meeting next Friday since it is a holiday.

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March 26th, 2010 at 4:58 pm

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