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Meeting Minutes: March 19, 2010

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The IRC log for this meeting can be found here.


  • Finished phase 2 of the new Noteables
  • Can now create notes on Students and Assignments from the new notes page
  • Robert is currently refactoring a few of the new tests so they are less repetitive
  • Robert will be adding New Note Dialog links to the student and assignment pages


  • Met up with Mike on Tuesday and came up with the following list of tasks:
  1. Rename ajax_pagination helper to just pagination helper
  2. Test pagination_helper
  4. Migrate submissions_controller_test
  5. Test that the browse method returns groupings
  • Joseph has already got 1 and 4 on Review Board


  • Farah finished implementing the ability to release/unreleased the marks for grade entry forms
  • Finished unit tests for releasing the marks and the student interface
  • Farah will be working on the functional tests next, then on the CSV upload/download


  • Working with performance lag of Machinist
  • Working with ResultControllerTest – takes several minutes to run using Machinist (one set)
  • Last week Mike told Bryan about FactoryDataPreloader – Bryan tried it and uploaded his first version on Thursday
  • Robert and Joseph pointed out that the FactoryDataPreloader was similar to fixtures so Bryan uploaded a new version Thursday evening.
  • How to get FactoryDataPreloader to be used in conjunction with Machinist elegantly will require further discussion
  • Uploaded user stories for the feature that assigns graders to a criteria


  • Uploaded modified version of flexible scheme – will be uploading another version Friday evening
  • Will be refactoring the database schema
  • Will be working with Bryan to build prototype for the new database
  • Fixed things that were discussed on Review Board


  • MarkUs is deployed at Centrale Nantes
  • Will be updating documentation with Benjamin
  • Didn’t do LDAP configuration yet

Other Notes

  • May be good idea to include a “Provide Feedback” link on MarkUs that would lead to a central site where we can collect usability feedback on.
  • MarkUs blog very developer oriented – we’re missing documentation and news for users and system administrators (e.g., new features implemented in the new release).

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