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Meeting Minutes – Jan. 29, 2010

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The meeting started at 3:30 and ended at 4:28.

The IRC log can be found here


  • Feedback from users
  • Round table
  • Other issues

Feedback from users

  • We’ve been getting great feedback so far!
  • Karen has been keeping us posted through the mailing list

Round table

  • We had a pretty big group today, including our friends from France!
  • Nelle has been working on implementing sections and adding students to sections. She has a couple of UI issues right now. Nelle is going to try and stay in touch with Victoria to make sure they’re not working on conflicting things. Nelle has also been looking into moving over to Machinist.
  • Benjamin is working on translating MarkUs into French.
  • Farah has been working on unit tests for the grades tables (and fixing some bugs related to the table as well).
  • Brian worked on unit tests for Ticket #570.
  • Robert has been busy with interviews this week.
  • Bryan worked on Ticket #393 and is now working on tests.
  • Joseph has been working on Ticket #574. We decided to put a comment in the setup file that explains why quotes around the path are necessary and then check whether or not the validate program runs.

Other issues

  • Karen would like to see descriptions of tickets in our punchlines (instead of just the ticket numbers)
  • The French team will be posting reports here every couple of weeks
  • We are looking for students for an NSERC USRA for the summer
  • Victoria is going to be creating a blog post about the wireframes she has created so far for TA assignment

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January 29th, 2010 at 6:09 pm

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