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Meeting Minutes – Dec. 4th, 2009

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The meeting started at 12:02 and ended at 12:51.

The IRC log can be found here


  • Final round table
  • Post mortem
  • High priority issues

Simple Grade Entry

  • Farah said that she ran into some problems with the Table View implementation because she wasn’t able to use the Rails Form Helper
  • Farah is going to learn about AJAX over the break and try to make the table cells be saved automatically, instead of requiring the user to hit “Submit”
  • We decided that pagination (alphabetically, by user id) should also be implemented

Notes System

  • The Notes tab is done and checked in – for groupings
  • Tara is going to create a screencast
  • Tara and Fernando are both going to work on documentation
  • Fernando is going to work on making sure the entire page doesn’t reload when attaching a note to a group from the Groups manager

Flexible Marking Scheme

  • Their presentation went well
  • Gabriel would like to add some Selenium tests and acceptance tests

Post mortem


  • The application is nicely coded
  • Communication was extremely good
  • Great team
  • Having Mike and Severin with lots of knowledge really jump started everything
  • Weekly meeting
  • Everyone was more than willing to help each other out
  • Meeting everyone at the code sprint
  • In-house design of software by students to be used by students
  • Everyone jumped in on the reviews, took / gave constructive criticism well


  • Karen couldn’t stay on top of everything and not enough careful design review was done
  • It was hard to keep up with the reviews and so some stopped reading some of them
  • Mike wishes he could have done more development
  • Code Reviews were overwhelming
  • Not knowing enough about web development was difficult
  • Difficult to get design reviews when you’re not in-person
  • Didn’t have more face-to-face communication with others
  • It was hard to keep track of everything that was going on (eg. DrProject’s EventLog RSS feed)


  • Karen said that she couldn’t be prouder of the work that was accomplished, the teamwork, the general atmosphere, the fact that *everyone* pulled their weight

Some high priority issues to think about

  1. Being able to upload results files without disturbing the repos. (Which also means a mechanism for downloading them.)
  2. A thorough review of the grace day stuff and making sure students and instructors can see how many grace days have been used.
  3. csv uploads for rubrics, mappings, comments
  4. Improving the group stuff so that groups can be formed after the deadline and before the grace period is over and double checking to make sure that groups can be deleted.
  5. It would be really nice to be able to have a view of the annotations for Dan

A current bug

  • Grouping.has_submission? was reporting true (even without caching), and then Grouping.get_submission_used was reporting nil.

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December 4th, 2009 at 8:10 pm

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