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Projects for Winter 2016

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Complete work on the Git backend

We are nearing completion on a Git backend to allow student submissions to be stored in a Git repository. The remaining todo list is in #1855.

UI of student interface 

When a student navigates to an assignment, the landing page could use some UI work.  The tab is labeled Assignments which isn’t correctly because it is a particular assignment.  We also need to look at what information is displayed and whether there is a better way to organize it.

We could also look at issues with the results view of the assignment.  Binuri mentioned that the students don’t see the weights in the rubric view.

Auto-testing interface

Lots of work was done on this project in the fall, so the goal this winter is to get it to the point where we can use it.

There remains some refactoring (and removing) of old code, but we have reached a proof of concept state where a test can be run by a click of a button.

The existing design has results being sent back in XML.  At least one of the auto-testers we are working with uses JSON, which seems like a more sensible format, so modifying our design to use JSON is the ultimate goal.

Collecting Submissions

The concept of collecting submissions is a challenging one, and has led to some confusion and difficulty.  Issue #2421 collects together some of the issue.

Refactoring Submissions and Results Models

There a few problems that come up thanks to the way remark requests were implemented at the model level.  This interacts with the marking state (#2377)

Build and Convert more Tests to Rspec

We have fallen off on the goal of writing tests for issues, and new features.  It is definitely time to get back onto improving the test suite.

Get Travis working again

Fix Sections

We haven’t used sections very much, and there are a few issues preventing effective use of sections.  In addition to fixing a few outstanding issues (#1676,#1219, #1705(one part of this issue), #1926), we could improve the interface to allow a little more flexibility in how to use sections such as restricting groups to sections as an option, assigning TAs to a section.

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January 16th, 2016 at 3:45 pm

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