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Status Updates – March 27

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  • This week
    • Git cleanup of spreadsheets branch
    • Began work on CSV override marks option
  • Next week
    • Continue work on CSV override marks option


  • This week
    • Started working on annotation previews
    • Fixed issue 1727
  • Next week
    • Continue work on annotation previews


  • This week
    • wrapping up with file upload testing.
    • All tests are passing except one:
    • There is an error thrown when an uploaded file has no newline at the end of file or non-standard newline
    • Trying to overwrite the file by adding the newline before parse_csv action. More information: #2078
    • Worked on displaying the error message when a user tries to upload the file that would change Simple Grade Template. More information: #2098
  • Next week
    • finish up 2078/2079 and start 1199


  • This week
    • Changed the seed so A2 has a flexible scheme and some submissions. Also, discovered an interesting bug: if you change an assignment that isn’t due yet to a due date in the past, collecting submissions breaks. Completed issue 2030. Found that reordering works on assignment criteria, but was still broken on annotation categories, so I rejiggered things to work there
  • Next week
    • The only issue currently assigned to me is 2087, so that’s on the list.
    • I’ll also be asking for some more tickets during the meeting.


  • This week:
    • Cleaned up the changes I made last week, included fixing url generation
    • Removed some of the unused RJS files
    • Converted some RJS files to erb from the graders page
  • Issues
    • Got stuck debugging why jQuery wasnt working… needed to use jQuery() not $()
    • Took a while to ensure I wasnt removing any functionality
  • Next week
    • Fix up git issue
    • Continue converting RJS to erb files

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