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Meeting Minutes: November 5th, 2010

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Meeting log here


  • Spent most of the week working on the test framework itself, fixing bugs and working on features
  • Would like to ship the testing framework as it currently is. Mike will give it a test-drive tonight or tomorrow
  • Still need to update the test framework to include the new bundler stuff


  • Still having trouble setting up the Test Framework. Will ask for help ASAP


  • Have finished the two reviews (#804 and #821) and is waiting for the Ship It!
  • Plan on using the grade distribution code to generate graphs for the admin and for each assignment this weekend
  • Still need to update the test framework to include the new bundler stuff


  • Will get issue 144(adding continuous grade deduction for late assignments) done today or tomorrow
    • Might have to add another column in one of the models
    • Might make the repeated penalty a new option and the only option for penalties
  • Plan on doing a bunch of work on MarkUs
    • Want to start by adding a UI to the dashboard with placement for the graphs, will base the look on
    • Going to add a new helper that will generate graphs
    • Mike says Kurtis should probably find a way of caching and periodically updating statistics so the dashboard doesn’t become a huge time sink

Misa & Vivien:

  • The discussion focused on ways to identify the existence of the original marks, the need to display the remark request tab, which states to show to graders
  • Misa says we either need 3 more states, or some column that indicates existence of 2 marks for remarking process
  • NelleV suggests rewriting a blogpost about remarking

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November 5th, 2010 at 11:13 pm

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Punchlines for November 5th

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Kurtis Schmidt


  • attempted to graph grades separated by marker
  • looked at adding option to set penalties for assignments
  • played with some ideas on possible dashboard UI
  • started working on proper separation of code for generating graphs

Next Steps

  • complete UI for adding gradual assignment penalties
  • add helper functions for generating Bluff graphs
  • add UI elements to the dashboard, including information about average grades, marking progress, etc.


  • I’m not sure how to graph grades based on TA because TAs can now mark pieces of assignments. As well, this graph seemed useful because it was a quick way to see if all assignments are being marked fair. If each TA is marking different items the graph doesn’t have a purpose
  • finishing up my MidTerms

Horatiu Halmaghi


  • worked on fixing up my 2 open reviews
  • for review 117, I wrote functional tests and fixed a bug I found because of that
  • for the graphing review, I wrote unit tests and fixed up some minor bugs

Next Steps

  • finish and my reviews and get them up in Git
  • start working on integrating my histogram work into actual graphs


  • my reviews aren’t getting Ship It!s 🙁

Evan Browning


  • fixed bugs with text framework
  • issue when nothing was uploaded to parse or lib folder
  • removed duplicate interface for tokens
  • made allowed tokens numbers update for existing groups when instructor changes the number of allowed tokens
  • wrote some unit tests
  • worked on new functionality: allow either tokens per day or a fixed number of tokens
  • Next Steps

    • keep working on Test Framework bug fixes and features


    • the test framework review is really large… I think it might be better to get what is already there pulled and then add new features as new reviews.

    Misa Sakamoto


    • uploaded db schema diagram to the blog for review and comments
    • issue 33 is now done (default filtering of students)

    Next Steps

    • finalize the db schema and update the changes
    • implement the submissions tab UI to accomodate remark request status


    • none

    Vivien Suen


    • figured out related parts of the schema
    • added remark properties for assignments and posted to Review Board

    Next Steps

    • get my code approved
    • continue implementing
    • may need to talk to Misa about the db schema for remarks


    • none

    Jiahui Xu


    • try to get the Test Framework to work on my machine, installed ant-contrib, but there’s some errors, still asking Evan for help

    Next Steps

    • set the framework up on my machine
    • post a review request about the Test Framework


    • none

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    November 4th, 2010 at 11:35 pm

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    Revised DB Schema for Remarks

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    Edit: Please see updated post here

    In my previous post, I had mixed up Results/Marks with GradeEntryForms/Grades. Since assignments are linked to Results/Marks, that’s the one we should be changing.

    To the existing schema, I added a “RemarkExtraMarks” and “RemarkMarks” table (identical to the ExtraMarks and Marks tables). The “Results” table now has 2 more boolean columns “remark_requested” and “remark_begun.” Let me explain the addition of the 2 boolean columns.

    Initially, I had only planned on adding one boolean column “remark_requested” to keep track of whether there are remarks or not. However, with this schema, we run into the problem of the system not being able to distinguish between original marks being completed and released and remark requested but not processed, versus remark being completed and released. We want students to be able to see their marks until the professor has actually started looking into the remark, so the original marks need to stay ‘completed and released’ until then.

    Then, I also considered adding remark states to the existing “marking_states” column, but this would create a lot of UI complications (and a lot of bug potential!). We also wanted to avoid making a “remarking_states” column because it would create redundancy.

    After discussing with Mike, we decided on adding 2 boolean columns – “remark_requested” and “remark_begun.” Let me walk through the scenarios:
    1) Student has put in a remark request. At this point, “remark_requested” = true and “remark_begun” = false. Original grades are still completed and released to the student.
    2) Professor starts to look into the remark. This unreleases the mark to the student, marking state changes to pending, and “remark_begun” = true.
    3) Professor finishes the remark, re-releases mark, marking state changes back to complete, and “remark_begun” is still true. (“remark_begun” is still true because this helps us distinguish between stage 1 and stage 3)

    1b) If a student decides to cancel his/her remark request (which he/she can only do before the professor starts stage 2) “remark_requested” = false, and nothing else changes.

    Thank you Mike for helping me out with the schema!!

    Written by misa

    November 3rd, 2010 at 3:57 pm

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    DB Schema for Remarks

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    Edit: There is an updated (more correct) schema here

    I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to update the DB schema to include saving remarked grades (as well as keeping the original ones). What seems to be best so far is to add a “remark_requested” column in the “GradeEntryStudent” table, and to add a “RemarkedGrades” table with dependencies just like the “Grades” table.

    I have a question about the “Results” table though. Both “Results” and “GradeEntryStudent” seem to have a “released_to_student” column. Do they keep track of the same data?

    Written by misa

    November 2nd, 2010 at 11:53 pm

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