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The MarkUs team for fall 2009

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We have now completely staffed our project (I think), so let me do another round of introductions.  Please let me know if you see any mistakes so I can fix them.   I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s bios.

Karen Reid – Senior Lecturer at the University of Toronto.  I’m the supervisor and primary client of this software.

Mike Conley – Masters student at the University of Toronto.  Mike has been working on MarkUs for almost a year. He will be our teaching assistant for this course, and will be doing much of the daily management of the project.


Severin Gehwolf –  University of Toronto.  Severin worked full time on Markus this summer.  He is also a great resource when you need help getting started, and Severin will probably also be doing quite a few code reviews, at least initially.

Ainsley Lawson –  University of Toronto Scarborough campus.  New to MarkUs.

Farah Juma –  University of Toronto.  New to MarkUs.

Nelle Varoquaux –  École centrale de Nantes.  Nelle worked on MarkUs full time with us in Toronto as a summer intern.  We are really hoping that she will be able to join us and continue working on MarkUs as a project course within her University.

Tara Clark – University of Waterloo.

Fernando Garces – University of Waterloo.

Mélanie Gaudet – Université Laval

Simon Lavigne-Giroux – Université Laval

Gabriel Roy-Lortie – Université Laval


Adam Goucher – QA expert, currently working at Zerofootprint Software.  I am thrilled to have Adam’s help on this project.  He will primarily be helping the Laval students work on the QA aspects of MarkUs.

Félix-Antoine Bourbonnais – Université Laval – Supervisor/Instructor of the course that the Laval students are taking.

If you have been counting, this means that we have a total of 9 students working on MarkUs this fall.  I have never worked with such a big group before, so we will all be learning a new way of working so that we can be productive and have fun.  All of us except for Nelle are in the same time zone*, which should help a bit.  We will also be using the current version of MarkUs in 3 different courses here at the U of T, so we will be getting feedback from users as we go.

My next post will be a list of possible projects for the fall.  Mélanie, Simon, and Gabriel will be working with Adam to set up a testing infrastructure and to explore ways to implement proper quality assurance in our project.

* at least nominally — many local students seem to be in a different time zone than me. 🙂

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September 1st, 2009 at 3:43 pm

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