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Markus UofT Summer 2012 – Meeting Minutes: May 17, 2012

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Minutes of meeting held 12:00pm – 12:55pm, May 17, 2012 on IRC Channel

Participants: Karen Reid, Danesh Dadachanji, Daryn Lam, Kristian Lejao, Jeff Ling, Michael Ing

Meetings will be held on IRC Channel from this meeting forward.

Individual Status

  • Daryn: So I’ve pretty much just set up my RoR application on my mac and I’ve looked over the application, played around with the sandbox. Has some issue getting Markus Completely working. The book Daryn used for reference is simply rails 2
  • Kristian: Has been reading RoR tutorials online. im not done setting up the dev environment but i should be able to finish that by Monday. Also, Kristian is getting familiar with Github as well.
  • Jeff: He got the dev environment setup and went through a ruby tutorial and a RoR specific tutorial. Jeff saids he could start working on a ticket but he’ll be slow while figuring out where things are etc.
  • Michael: What I try doing is getting RoR working on Windows. However, I had no luck. As a result, I install it on a virutal box using linux. I have things up and running on linux. I have been play around with it on my own machine. Also, yesterday I briefly looked at the code just to get a feel of it. The book I have been using as a reference is Ruby on Rails 3 Tutorial: Learn rails by example by Michael Hartl.

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May 23rd, 2012 at 10:24 pm

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Markus UofT Summer 2012 – Meeting Minutes: May 9, 2012

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Minutes of meeting held 12:15pm – 12:55pm, May 9, 2012 on Google Hangout

Participants: Karen Reid, Daryn Lam, Kristian Lejao, Jeff Ling, Michael Ing

Tasks for the first 2 weeks:

  • Get accounts to Markus Mailing list, IRC Channel, Github, Markus blog, Review Board
  • Setup Markus
  • Do Basic Tutorials
  • Play with MarkUs’s sandbox

There are 3 main project/task that are hope to be accomplish this summer

  1. Finish porting Ruby on Rails from version 2 to 3.  Porting is mid-way done. There are still many outstanding issues with the rails framework
  2. Fix Grace Days issue.
  3. Remark Request system in MarkUs.  It is completely broken and there are some UI issues.

Additional Weekly Tasks:

  • Every week, someone is responsible for collecting detail status report and placing the report on the blog
  • Also, someone needs to take meeting notes and post on blog

Getting Help:

  • Any issues should be asked on IRC Channel or email to the MarkUs Devlist

For next week meeting:

  • Progress on Install
  • Read Documentation on Github site for MarkusProject

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May 23rd, 2012 at 10:19 pm

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Minutes: March 26, 2012. UCOSP Group

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Karen reminds us that there are 2 weeks left until the end of term, we need to start wrapping up our issues!

– Aaron has nothing new to add to his punchline, talked about the presentation that he has to do for their campus UCOSP representative, Meghan.  Will possibly do a joint introduction with Hanson and Christine to avoid duplication of content.  The presentation is suppose to be about 15 minutes long per student, where we each talk about the general project, what we did/contributed, what we learned.  Scheduled for Apr. 19, worth 10% of grade.  Christine will send an e-mail to Meghan to ask if we can do the joint intro.

– Sky worked on issue 474 and it is good to go, should be shipped very soon.  His said that his main goal is to make sure that he finishes issue 150 by the end of term as well as a blog post.

– Aimen said that issue 98 is posted for review now, and issue 689’s diff and screenshots have been posted as well.  There are still some kinks in 689, one of the issues being “able to show and hide columns but after refresh, the desired results are not shown”.  Tobi helped a lot for this issue as well (Credit for Tobi!).  She also has to give a presentation at the end of April about MarkUs and will need to set aside time to prepare for that as well.

– Karen reminds us to post our presentation materials on the blog if we have them

– Jay has not too much to add to his punchline.  He did regression testing for 656.  Had assignments for his courses (309 and 373) which took longer than expected and packed up his week.  Coming week, should be working more on 656 and hopefully get a fix by end of week.  Karen reminds Jay to takes notes on his progress on 656, since it is a very important defect to fix (If Jay isn’t able to fully complete it, it would be a shame if all his work was lost)

– Christine worked on testing Markus’ restful routes.  Gave credit to Tobi for mailing the list about the issue.  She ran into an issue with localizations of routes and is receiving help from Severin via the issue tracker.  Tobi offered to help Christine if Severin doesn’t respond soon (he is quite busy!).  Discussion about ‘routing_filer’ and assert_generates/assert_recognizes, will take offline.

– Sean has nothing much to add to his punchlines.  Been working with Aimen on 689.  Also picked up a small issue and is almost finished with it.

– Danesh is finished up with all link_to/button_to_remote fixes, the last few are up for review.  Got sidetracked by pagination issues, but was able to clean it up.   Asked about the bug viewer dialog and if she thought if it would be best to make it an info dialog, Karen agrees.  Danesh is also looking for a new bug, Karen suggests anything which will get us closer to rails 3 deployment! Tobi thinks MarkUs will be planning on a summer release, and Danesh thinks it needs more work but the end might be reasonable (Yay!).  Tobi says that the list of Rails 3 bugs compiled at the beginning of the term are mostly done.  Danesh tells Jay that his notes fix doesn’t quite patch Users-> Notes link to any student.  Talked a bit about grace period deletions and he had to change the link to a button, discussed with Karen about this.  Both of them agree that the deduction is not the right word used in grace period.

– Egor looked through the bugs that Tobi posted at the beginning of term, and it seems that 608 and 500 have not been worked on yet (not 100% sure about 500).  For this week, he plans to continue working on finishing his API and encoding tasks.  He implemented the suggestion that Severin made regarding encoding and only have unit tests left to do.  He is worried that he might not be able to finish these in time as Severin has been very busy and he has two very big changelists.  He added a feature so students are able to preview their submissions in the codeviewer, in case there are encoding problems and their work doesn’t display properly

– Difference between <%= and <% and between %> and -%>

– -%> removes white spaces at the end

– <%= suppose to be rails and outputs things like text fields, whereas <% is for outputting pure ruby, but Danesh has seen these used interchangably

– Tobi didn’t get to do much this week.  Was able to put in a total of 4 hours over the weekend because he was sick.

– Hanson was late to the meeting because he had a dentist appointment.  He put the search functionality fix onto review board, no reviews yet.  Wants to know if searching by student username is the best way to search.  He has thought about creating a dropdown with options (search by first name, last name, etc).  Karen says that she usually searches by userid so what he has right now should be the right way.  He mentioned that it took a while to figure out the query for TA’s so they don’t see submissions not assigned to them, would like sql/activerecord experts to look at his code to make sure it is correct.  Wrote a blogpost about Aptana debugging and will perhaps write something for MySQL query browser as well.

– Karen revised last year’s poster yesterday for tomorrow’s Research in Action poster session for industry.  She will post a poll for the final post mortem meeting and will try to schedule a markus party for the people that can attend (boo for UBC/SFU folks).  This week and next will be the final week(s) that we are suppose to be working (but she won’t say no to volunteer help after term!).

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Minutes: March 12, 2012. UCOSP Group.

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Karen reminds us that today is the 4th to last regular meeting, and we need to start thinking about the end of the term.

  • Sean has some issues going through review, and has started to work on issue 570. He is continuing to make progress on 689 with Aimen, with help from Danesh.
  • Aaron finished adding assert_recognise test for his action thanks to Jay’s example ans is almost done with issue 648.
  • Hanson has started on the search functionality, and still has to work on his blog post.
  • Sky is relived to have finally accomplished work on 320. He has learned a lot on unit tests in the process. Now he has moved on to 474, and 150, in which he is on the investigation stages of. He talked to Karen for 150 and is grateful for the reply.
  • Danesh got the bug viewer up and running! It is up on review board with screen shots. He used the RJS way for the modal, discussion on this can be done on review board. Some of the links he had fixed before broke again, there is some no-route issue which needs to be figured out.
  • Jay was sick last week, this week he will work on 656. Christine was not able to recreate the issue, but she was setting the due date to 1 hour ago and then collecting right way. Jay will try setting the due date, and then collecting the next day. Karen notes that when a grace period is set to 0.25 hours it will be actually set to 15 minutes, and has experienced the bug in the past week so she can come up with scenarios to recreate if needed. This week, Jay has also written a blog post on Rails Named Routes. Karen wonders if routes are especially tricky in Rails. Jay says that it is best to see how routes are defined in routes.rb
  • Aimen got past the render problem this week, thanks to some help from Danesh. She implemented the modal, so now she will be working on showing and hiding columns before moving on to user preferences. She has started implementing user preferences on the submissions table so that the user (admin) can choose which columns show on next login.
  • Christine has been working on a blog post that summarizes Ch1-5 of the Ruby on Rails Tutorial by Example. The issue she worked on last week, 695, on cookie detection has been pulled to upstream.
  • Egor does not have much to add to his punchlines (see the blog), except for his encoding task to display student assignments using UTF-8; but odd encodings still manage to break the grade view. Egor proposes to give the student a warning if they are not using ASCII or UTF-8 during upload, Danesh warns that some students may not know how to convert files. Severin clarifies that his suggestion was to display the current encoding to the grader, and give the option to switch. Egor will research on the proper way to provide the functionality – autofill or textbox with example pattern.
  • Tobi is working on tests for the releasing and viewing of marks by admins and students respectively. He is also helping Aimen with refreshing the page after user preference columns are selected.

Karen thanks us for our work, and notes that we can go review someone’s code when we are waiting for our own code to be reviewed. There is a Western Canadian CS Ed Conference, if there is any students (current/former) in Vancouver around May 4/5, let Karen know. The last day of UCOSP is around the last week of April 2, marks are due April 13. Welcome to continue work on Markus after term is over.

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March 12th, 2012 at 9:52 pm

Minutes for Meeting held on January 30th, 2012

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  • Karen and Egor were sick. :(.  Egor got reviews for three of his bugs and also started a discussion about Prototype vs JQuery going for subsequent Markus releases.
  • Sky read up some tutorials on Ruby On Rails and is currently investigating issue 402
  • Jay was busy with interviews and assignments but was able to work on a bug over the weekend with Sean and Aimen over a Google hangout session. He has also started working on issue 602
  • Danesh submitted a review for HTML escaping and found an issue with rejecting a student’s invitation, fixed it, and made a different review for it
  • Aaron shipped issue 405 and is currently working on a different bug which he has a conceptual solution to and is currently learning Ruby on Rails to implement it
  • Hanson shipped two issues this week: 326 and 611 and is currently working on issue 404
  • Egor, Hanson, Danesh and Tobi were talking about tackling issue 603 which is a Javascript issue and Tobi volunteered to work on it
  • Karen reiterated her priority for us to finish the Rails 3 bugs before starting bugs with a different tag
  • Christine is stuck on 382 she will be talking about it with Danesh and Tobi after the meeting
  • Tobi worked on issue 468, 434 and updated the wiki with Mac OS X installation steps
  • Aimen shipped issue 386 and updated the wiki with MySQL installation instructions on Mac OS X
  • Sean read up some Ruby on Rails tutorials, Markus code and worked on an issue with Jay and Aimen

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PunchLine – 01/16/12

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  • MarkUs fully installed
  • Thursday meeting with Benjamin Vialle: presentation of MarkUs in general and the outlines of the PDF project.

Next Steps:

  • Writing down the Functional Requirements Document (FRD) for our PDF issue


  • None

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Markus UCOSP Fall 2011 – Puchlines Dec 14th

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  • Wrote blog post about performance analysis work (results, what I did, etc.)
  • Ran a couple of new experiments (played with a distributed mongrel cluster setup) and finished up experiment-repeats.
  • Updated result logs on github.
  • Did a screencast showing a load test in action.
  • Some code review

Next Steps:

  • None (I’m done for the term)


  • None



  • Fixed assignment graders and groups inability to download/upload CSV files. (Issues #583 & # 584)


  • Implement requested code changes for CSV multiple encoding fix.
  • Break up the CSV multiple encoding fix into separate feature branches for easier reviewing and merging.


  • None



  • Fixed up “add new” graders code on Severins advice (waiting for review: 1137)
  • Worked out 3/4 of the remaining group bugs (waiting for review: 1151)

Next Steps:

  • Get those last 2 bugfixes done, reviewed, and shipped


  • Could use some advice on an issue with review 1151, not sure where the problem lies.



  • Finished up work on issue 528
  • Posted the issue refering to remote_functions on github

Next Steps:

  • Get the final commit for issue 528 done
  • Add the tests Severin was refering to in the review for issue 528


  • Could use some advice on how to do the tests that were requested on issue 528




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Markus UCOSP – Meeting Minutes – Nov 30th

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  • Started off by doing rounds.
  • Luke put up a review fixing issue #527 (delete action for sections), waiting for it to be checked before continuing.
  • Luke is planning to begin working on issue #501 (error messages for missing translations), as well as fix some spelling mistakes.
  • Severin has been trying to get passenger use different production.log’s per ruby worker.
  • He is currently unsuccessful because log messages are interleaved.
  • Severin ran an experiment using memory repository which confirms the performance bottle-neck are SVN/File IO.
  • Erik has posted a blog post about firebug and fixed issue #439 (admins cannot create groups).
  • Luke suggested we close our reviews after they have been pulled in.
  • Razvan was not been able to work on Markus this week. Busy with projects.
  • Alex was able to add some functional tests to his multiple encoding file uploading fix.
  • He ran into some trouble with the grades page. There seem to be errors in the file upload and the tests for this page are a little more complex than the previous pages.
  • First he will try to figure out why the page is giving and error when a file is uploaded before figuring out the tests.
  • Focus for next week is wrapping up issues and making sure the code is ready for the next semester students.

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Markus UCOSP Fall 2011 – Meeting Minutes, Nov 16

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Meeting started at 3:15 p.m. and ended at 3:55 p.m.

  • Karen’s proposal to write a paper about the history of and our experiences with MarkUs has been accepted. It will be spearheaded by Morgan and will be presented at a conference in France in the spring
  • Severin has been blogging about the preliminary results of his performance analysis
  • Erik fixed his JavaScript issues and is planning to write a blog about it
  • Alex fixed the file uploading routing error for all file uploads as well as added all the necessary regression tests for them
  • Luke has decided to re-approach his submission rule problem and has written a blog post
  • Razvan finished setting up MarkUs on his computer after a hard drive failure and has all of the fixes for the annotation texts in a working state. He’s going to submit this review and then submit another one for the deprecated call to remote_function

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Markus UCOSP Fall 2011 – Meeting Minutes, Nov 9

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Meeting started at 3:15 p.m. and ended at 3:55 p.m.

  • Luke got a job offer from EA. Due to interviews and travelling he wasn’t able to work on MarkUs this week. He will double up for the next.
  • Erik and Razvan are having trouble with the way Rails 3 does JavaScript. It was suggested to look for help on Ruby on Rails mailing lists and IRC channels.
  • Razvan suffered a hard drive failure and had to reinstall MarkUs.
  • Alex worked on broken routes of CSV uploads due to the Rails 3 migration. He managed to get a nice regression test in for this. He also discovered that some parts of MarkUs controller code are not exposed in views. He’ll have a more closer look and will file issues.
  • Severin didn’t get too much work done on the performance analysis front. He was able to run some variations of the load tests, but didn’t finish analysis. He should have more to report next week.
  • Jordan tried to get the test framework working, but feels he is going in circles. It was suggested to short-circuit with the French students which are also working on the test framework.

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