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How to Use the MarkUs Demoserver?

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As of June 18, 2009 we have our new home at On this server there is a MarkUs demo app running which is reachable at: This is our official MarkUs demo instance. Feel free to have a look and play with it.

The database is usually populated with some exemplary data. To log in as an instructor (the type of user with greatest privileges), use ‘a’ as username and any non-empty password. If you’d like to see what student users of MarkUs would see, look up a student username in the “Users” tab and log in with any one of those (again using any non-empty password). Getting to see the view what graders/TAs usually see use the username of some configured TA.

Here is an example CSV-file which could be used to import some student users.

Please note, however, that the demoserver will be reset once a day (usually at 2:00 am EDT). Also, since the running version of MarkUs is most probably still in development, things might break. If that happens, please feel free to file a ticket at

If you have questions, concerns or other feedback please feel free to contact us at or drop by on IRC.  We are in #markus on

Thanks and have fun!

Written by Severin

June 18th, 2009 at 12:05 pm

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